About Us

Welcome to the Innisfail Flying Club

The Innisfail Flying Club has been the managing body for the Innisfail Airport since 1986. Originally one of the training centers developed during the second world war (in fact the original triangles are still visible) the Airport is now an active centre for recreational flying activities.

Home of the Innisfail Flying Club, the Central Alberta gliding club,  Big Sky Skydiving, Paramotor Sports Canada.

HISTORY: The airport was opened in 1941 as a Relief Landing Field for No. 36 SFTS at Penhold . During WWII RCAF Station Penhold was home to No. 36 Service Flying Training Schools from September 28, 1941 to November 3, 1944. Aircraft flown where the Airspeed Oxford. The unit was part of No. 4 Training Command. In 1960, the Innisfail Flying Club was established at the airfield.

Military-sponsored flying training returned to the former RCAF Detachment Innisfail when a Regional Air Cadet Gliding School was established at RCAF Station Penhold in the summer of 1966. Flying training was conducted at both Penhold and Innisfail.

In the early 1980’s, the Air Cadet Gliding School began making use of the former RCAF Detachment Netook as an alternate airfield to the Gliding School at Innifail. By 1986, the Gliding School moved permanently to Netook.

The Innisfail aerodrome remains today and is still used by the Innisfail Flying Club who's mandate is support and promote all things aviation.